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 Jennifer Blades Music

 Performer,  Teacher,  
Stage Director 


 About Jennifer

I have always been a performer. At the age of three, I had a doll who was as tall as I was, and she danced alongside me while I sang and played my guitar. I wish I could find the photo! I haven't stopped performing since, and I have worked my whole life to become the versatile performer I am today. If you want an example, head over to the Performer page to see an excerpt of my award winning performance as Julia Child in Lee Hoiby's one-woman opera Bon Appétit. To this day, it remains one of my proudest moments on stage.


While doing my masters degree at Peabody Conservatory, I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to stage direct, and it changed my life. I have been consistently directing since then. Being able to take a score and bring it to performance is such a gratifying experience, especially when you have a team that works tirelessly to get everything up and running. Many of my experiences as a director have been with smaller companies where the production teams do it all, and it makes the end result that much more exciting. Check out the photos from my various directing work on the Stage Director page to see more.


Then, there's the teacher in me. I did not set out to be a teacher. Teaching found me, and I have embraced it as I have embraced my students. Teaching voice and acting to singers has been so completely rewarding to me that I cannot imagine life without my students. The door is always open for new students, so head on over to the Teacher page if you want to know more about my thoughts on teaching and joining the studio.


There's lots to explore here. 

Fundamentals of music for singers:
An online Course

Learn the basics
reading music

If you are singer who has had little or no experience with learning how to read music, not sightread music, but learn how to name the notes you are looking at in your music and understand the rhythms you are singing, then this is a course for you!

After teaching Fundamentals of Music Theory at the college level using an online textbook and workbook, and after seeing my own private students struggle with their own lack of knowledge, I have put together a short introductory course that will teach the fundamentals, the names of the pitches, the rhythmic values, the scales, and what it means for you as a singer and musician.

IWhat you get:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that has been used at the college level and pared down for the purpose of this course

  • A knowledgeable instructor who has successfully taught the course previously

  • Access to the Artusi online textbook and workbook to guide you in our lessons (and for four months after the course is completed)

  • An opportunity to broaden your musical knowledge

  • A small class size (no more than 15 students per course)

  • Access to a private FB group for further study and collaboration with your colleagues

Cost per person = $250 plus $24.99 for textbook


Six sessions beginning on Monday, August 23, 2021, 7:30-9:00pm via zoom

Session Dates:

  • -Monday, August 23

  • -Monday, August 30

  • -Monday, September 13

  • -Monday, September 20

  • -Monday, September 27

  • -Monday, October 4

Note: There will be no session on Monday, September 6 due to Labor Day.

Sign up today! 
Click the link for more info.
Coming in August
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Class starts in August



Jennifer Blades

Catonsville, MD

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Notice the butterflies? The butterfly symbolizes spiritual transformation, creativity, strength, and rebirth. As a breast cancer survivor who struggled with singing after chemotherapy and radiation, I find myself especially drawn to the power of the butterfly. To read more of my breast cancer story, click on any of the butterflies throughout the website.

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