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I have always been a performer. At the age of three, I had a doll who was as tall as I was, and she danced alongside me while I sang and played my guitar. I wish I could find the photo! I haven't stopped performing since, and I have worked my whole life to become the versatile performer I am today. If you want an example, head over to the Performer page to see an excerpt of my award winning performance as Julia Child in Lee Hoiby's one-woman opera Bon Appétit. To this day, it remains one of my proudest moments on stage.


While doing my masters degree at Peabody Conservatory, I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to stage direct, and it changed my life. I have been consistently directing since then. Being able to take a score and bring it to performance is such a gratifying experience, especially when you have a team that works tirelessly to get everything up and running. Many of my experiences as a director have been with smaller companies where the production teams do it all, and it makes the end result that much more exciting. Check out the photos from my various directing work on the Stage Director page to see more.


Then, there's the teacher in me. I did not set out to be a teacher. Teaching found me, and I have embraced it as I have embraced my students. Teaching voice and acting to singers has been so completely rewarding to me that I cannot imagine life without my students. The door is always open for new students, so head on over to the Teacher page if you want to know more about my thoughts on teaching and joining the studio.


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Coming this February

         Are you a “sing in the shower” newbie seeking the confidence to perform a special song for a special someone? Are you an experienced performer looking to take your artistry to the next level? Or are you somewhere in-between looking to expand your repertoire, hone your craft, and/or increase your comfort zone? Regardless of where you are on your cabaret journey, this program is for you!

      Jennifer Blades and John Bowen will take you across the finish line of performing a song with confidence, individuality, and impact as well as providing you with tools and techniques that you can apply to any song that speaks to you in the future.

          Collectively, Jennifer and John bring 25+ years of teaching and performing experience with performers of all skill-levels and backgrounds in a variety of musical genres including opera, musical theatre, jazz, pop, and cabaret.

         While other vocal genres reveal a performer’s relationship with their voice, cabaret reveals a performer’s relationship with their heart and soul. Consequently, cabaret welcomes, embraces, and celebrates anyone with the desire to express themselves through performance.


Register now to ensure your song is heard!

Cabaret Workshop!

Cost: $750 all inclusive

What you receive from the program:

-5 two-hour virtual classes on Saturdays:February 6, 13, 20, 27, and March 6, 2021 from 2-4pm CST

-1 one-hour individual virtual coaching with Jennifer and John (scheduled between April 6 and April 15)

-1 two-hour virtual group rehearsal/discussion on April 17 from 2-4pm CST

-1 one-hour virtual “tech” rehearsal prior to show

-1 virtual performance, April 24, 2021 

7pm CST

-A recorded rehearsal track of your song that you are free to use for whatever purpose you’d like after the program




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Notice the butterflies? The butterfly symbolizes spiritual transformation, creativity, strength, and rebirth. As a breast cancer survivor who struggled with singing after chemotherapy and radiation, I find myself especially drawn to the power of the butterfly. To read more of my breast cancer story, click on any of the butterflies throughout the website.


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